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Champagne and All-Night Cabaret Downtown

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There are those days when you fear that Washington is entering its “fall of Rome” period.

Then there are the days when you say, “I’d like to be a part of that.”

For the latter, may we introduce you to Sax, a gilded new den of debauchery from the team behind Oya and Sei, opening next Friday.

This is like settling into a night at the Moulin Rouge, if only they knew about making cocktails with liquid nitrogen in 19th-century Paris.

Having made a reservation (the only way to go), you’ll push through the reclaimed church doors and enter an opulent palace of red velvet and gold leaf. And sure, you can have a great time at the bar sampling Blue Crab & Gruyère Fondue and their 10 champagnes by the glass.

But the best seats in the house are upstairs, past a mural that includes Anita Hill, topless nuns and Monica Lewinsky riding a centaur with Bill Clinton’s head (yes, really). That’s because those seats look directly at the glass-enclosed stage above the bar, where a troupe of cabaret dancers, led by an in-house choreographer, provides continuous entertainment all night.

There, you’ll summon your waitress (you know, the one in the black corset dress and pink garters) for shellfish towers, Lobster Sliders on Gougères and their “Mini Bar” service—packages of three different half-bottles of booze.

Finally, a use for that platinum cocktail shaker in your coat pocket.

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