Nothin’ but Net

Float On

Falling 16 Stories Without a Parachute

UD - Nothin’ but Net You take risks.

You ride beach cruisers with no hands. You wear white pants wherever you please. You accepted your CEO’s friend request on Facebook.

And this weekend: you’re skydiving without a parachute. Kind of...

Meet Nothin’ but Net, a 16-story free fall through the Texas sky into a swimming pool of net, now open.

First, let us clarify: this is a safe and common practice. Well, sort of common (there’s one other location in the US).

So this weekend, you’ll head to Zero Gravity Thrill Park. As you exit the highway, you’ll spot what looks like the X Games version of the Eiffel Tower—you’ll be dropping from that. Head inside for some waiver signing and a brief safety course on the art of falling. (Hint: take the harness.)

Then you’ll head toward the steel beast, as you and your harness take a crane 130 feet into the sky. After strapping in, you’ll be hoisted over the safety net with your back facing the ground. Then the ground will give out. You’ll be free-falling at 50 mph until the net absorbs you like a sponge. And as proof, it’s all documented on video.

So try not to spill your martini.


Nothin’ but Net
at Zero Gravity Thrill Park
11131 Malibu Dr
Dallas, TX, 75229

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