The First Delivery-Only Restaurant

UD - Savory There’s something missing from your delivery order.

Don’t bother double-checking. It was never in the bag to begin with.

We’re talking about a touch of charm. A bit of class. A ramekin of caring.

The kind that comes from canapés of osetra caviar, couriers in well-pressed suits and an embarrassment of extra condiment riches...

Introducing Savory, a delivery-only restaurant that’s adding an element of elegance (and ale-poached kielbasa) to dinner at your desk or pied à terre, in preview now.

Imagine if a Congressional inquiry were launched to examine food delivery. Then imagine those findings being turned over to a subcommittee (that includes kitchen vets from the Standard, Jean Georges and Bouley) with explicit instructions to create a better tomorrow. One that’s free of structurally unstable cheeseburger buns.

The first thing you should know: every item on the extensive menu (from the grass-fed hanger steak to the halibut burger with olive tapenade) was specifically designed to taste its best after spending 20 minutes on the back of a bike. The next thing you should know: how it’ll arrive. Greaseless. Piping hot. And in a foil-sided bento box contraption ushered by a room service maître d’ type in a formal suit.

While he unpacks your meal, you’ll observe one personal touch after another. There’s the drip-free double wrapper on your pulled-pork sandwich. The abundance of blinis for your fine Russian caviar. And the gratis chocolate brownie for your continued loyalty.

No strings attached.

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