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Renting Sinatra’s California Mansion

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The man has inspired the way you wear a fedora. How you loosen your tie. How you karaoke “Strangers in the Night.”

And now, how you vacation.

Welcome to the Frank Sinatra Twin Palms Estate, Ol’ Blue Eyes’s home for eight years... and now yours to rent.

So the next time you roll into Palm Springs, you can stay at Frank’s place—the same modern ranch house he lived in from ’47 to ’55. You’ll sleep in his bedroom, swim in his piano-shaped pool and admire the chip left in the sink when the Chairman of the Board threw a wayward champagne bottle. (We assume the sink had it coming.)

This is where he hosted parties with Bob Hope and Joe DiMaggio (who lived across the street), and announced the revelry by hoisting a Jack Daniel’s flag by the palm trees out front. The biggest leftover from those days: a mini recording studio that Sinatra used for demos, but it’s since been disabled—which means the world will be sadly spared your heartfelt rendition of “My Way.”

When your personal equivalents to Dean, Sammy and/or Ava Gardner show up, you’ll set up outside the pool house with a few drinks and Songs for Swingin’ Lovers on the iPod dock. And when you’re done there, you can bed down in one of four old-school bedrooms.

There’s no shame in a night-light.


Frank Sinatra Twin Palms Estate
via Beau Monde Villas


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