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You already take your barbecuing seriously. Very seriously.

Your grill, after all, is nicknamed “Smokey Robinson.” And it was designed by Smokey Robinson.

But it’s time to take things to the next level. (Yes, there’s a next level.)

Introducing BBQ Bootcamp at the Alisal Guest Ranch, a four-day retreat here to transform you into a world-class barbecue master. It happens October 27 to 30, but tickets are going fast.

This all takes place at a rustic resort in Solvang. You’ll stay in a nice little cottage with a wood-burning fireplace, and you’ll actually be able to see stars at night.

But you’re not here to relax. Each morning, you’ll rise early for barbecue drills—one morning it’ll be all about grill technique, the next could be all about spicing. (Your grillmaster: Frank Ostini, barbecue and wine man at the legendary Hitching Post II from Sideways.)

But actually, you kind of are here to relax. Which is why, between rigorous sessions of turning over meat with tongs, you’ll be golfing... and horse riding through the endless trails... and getting your back massaged at the spa. And at night, you’ll sit down to a dinner soaked in Santa Ynez wines.

It’s also fair to expect some barbecue.
Note: <a target="_blank" href="">BBQ Bootcamp</a> at <a target="_blank" href="">Alisal Guest Ranch</a>, taking reservations now for Oct 27-30, $2,500, 805-688-6411, <a target="_blank" href="">see the slideshow</a>


BBQ Bootcamp
at Alisal Guest Ranch
1054 Alisal Rd
Solvang, CA, 93463


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