A Monthly Den of Vodka and VIPs

UD - The Mansion Today, we’re going to call on you to use all of your considerable charm. To exploit your various levels of connections and contacts throughout town. And maybe, just maybe, put a little of your famous guile to use.

Don’t worry, your efforts stand to be rewarded with drinks, private rooftops and all the VIP flesh-pressing you care to partake in.

The site for all this: The Mansion, a four-story Dupont Circle abode that kicks off a series of exclusive monthly soirees this weekend with a White House Correspondents’ Dinner after-after-party.

Now, we can only tell you so much, lest the VIP nature of things degrade into mere “IP” territory. What we can say is this is what Wayne Manor would look like if it were a little more... downtown.

You’ll enter the residence via a bridge over a koi pond, secure your first drink at the bar and then head past the waterfall and up to the roof deck via an elevator painted like a London phone booth (naturally).

Overlooking Rock Creek Park on one side and... another roof deck (the one with the pool) on the other, this place is where you’ll undoubtedly see Seth Meyers rubbing elbows with Sen. Warner.

Once you get yourself on the list (and we have the fullest confidence in you), you can expect a new shindig every month, starting with Washington Life’s “Young and the Guest List” party in May.

You’ll have a reserved seat by then.


The Mansion
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