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Your New Stylist Would Like a Word

The haircut. It’s a fairly pedestrian affair, really.

Show up. Have someone make your hair shorter. Leave.

That is, of course, if you don’t mind looking like you just lost a cage match with an aftermarket Flowbee.

But since you do mind, allow us to suggest a more... personal approach.

A few beers with a lovely brunette sounds like a good start.

Meet Selden Beylouni, proud owner of the aptly denominated Selden Beylouni Salon—your new temple of cold beer, hot towel treatments and semi-personal conversations cleverly disguised as haircuts, opening next Tuesday in Buckhead.

Yes, Selden would like to get to know you on a deeper level. So as you pass through the glass door and enter the white-on-white minimalist studio, you’ll notice a few things—some flickering candles, a solid Pandora playlist in the background... and Selden headed right toward you with a beer in her hand.

Consume this beer. And as you do, you’ll find yourself fielding questions about your work, your personal life and your deepest, darkest secrets while enduring prolonged neck massages and the occasional hot towel to the face.

And just so you know—those probing questions: all in the name of making sure your pristine coiffure matches your lifestyle. And that beer: easily replaced with bourbon, gin or whatever else you’d like her to stockpile for you.

Thanks for trying out, Great Clips.


Selden Beylouni Salon
375 Pharr Rd NE, Suite 104
Atlanta, GA, 30305

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