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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in 60 Seconds Flat

UD - Smitten Ice Cream Look at it out there. Not exactly ice cream weather.

Good thing we’ve found something that’s not exactly ice cream as you know it...

Introducing Smitten Ice Cream, a shipping container turned ice cream stand churning out frozen liquid-nitrogen-based desserts, opening next week in the new trailer-park-style lot next to the Hayes Green in Hayes Valley.

Imagine a typical ice cream parlor. Now imagine its total opposite—a 40-foot shipping container cut in half and lined in panels of hemlock, giving it the feel of an industrial lab. Or where the Clockwork Orange crew would get a sundae.

What Smitten lacks in a quaint, old-school creamery vibe, it makes up for in futuristic touches like nitrogen tanks and four patented Kelvin machines. That’s where they pour the ingredients—anything from chocolate chips and cookies to spicy Mexican chocolate—to make your dessert. It all whizzes and whirls for no more than 60 seconds, leaving a nitrogen fog that forms extra-small ice crystals—bad for slushies, great for ice cream.

You’ll want to get it in a pizzelle cone. They make them in-house and plug them with an assorted selection of top-secret “edible stoppers” to ensure the ice cream doesn’t drip from the bottom of the cone.

We’ve already said too much.


Smitten Ice Cream
432 Octavia St
(at Linden)
San Francisco, CA, 94102

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