BoHo-mian Rhapsody

Pizza and Beer High Above Hollywood

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Death and taxes. They’ve both been on your mind lately. And they’re both inevitable.

Also inevitable: your presence in the Hollywood & Highland complex in the near future (despite your best efforts).

So we figured you could use a respectable place to duck away for some pizza and beer. And maybe a tattered leather couch.

Welcome to the new incarnation of BoHo, the formerly ArcLight-adjacent tavern reborn right under the noses of unknowing tourists, opening tomorrow on Hollywood & Highland’s fourth floor.

You’ll recognize the faux flea-market-ness of it all instantly—the old books, the random knickknacks, the rickety-on-purpose furniture. Only here, with the tourist throngs and the cameras and the Walk of Fame outside, it’s all somehow even more comforting.

So next time you’re hitting a lavish Hollywood premiere at the Chinese Theatre, park once and fuel up here first with a Meatball Pizza and a goblet of Ommegang Hennepin, a strong ale from New York. Or if you need a happy compromise between your usual scene and... something that will happily welcome your relatives from Tulsa, this should make everybody happy.

Note: bring your own fanny pack.

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