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UD - Ken Sorenson Belts You’ve been dressing yourself for a long time.

So it’s about time someone told you: you’re doing a great job. No, really.

Custom-made shirts under custom-made suits on top of custom-made Italian shoes. You look perfect. Except for maybe one silly little thing. Okay, it’s your belt. Well, not your belt, so much as those notches. They’re maybe a little, oh, off. Like we said: silly.

Seriously, nothing to worry about. You still look pretty great.

Oh, no. We know that look. This whole notch thing is bugging you now. We shouldn’t have said anything. You’re upset. Okay, fine, fine. Here’s what you do...

Take yourself to Haberdash this afternoon and pick up one of their Kenton Sorenson Belts, custom-holed and fitted right in front of your eyes.

You may have heard of Kenton Sorenson leather goods. It’s a line that built a reputation for its dopp kits, wallets, iPhone cases and other accessories designed to soften and look better the more you use them. (So, the opposite of an iPhone.) These belts wisely follow the same formula... then get very personal.

First, you’ll be precisely measured. You’ll make some decisions regarding length, number of holes and spacing. And then the sales staff will whip out its cobbler’s bench and awl, and cut the belt to your precise specifications.

Nothing inspires confidence like an awl.


Kenton Sorenson Belts
available at Haberdash
607 N State St
(between Ohio and Ontario)
Chicago, IL, 60654

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