The Money Shot

Making Cash with Your Camera Phone

Finally, your cell phone cam is good for more than just blackmailing your drunken friends. Thanks to Scoopt, you can be your own paparazzo—and earn some cash in the process.

Nice "Spread"
Sign up on their site, and take your camera to the streets. The next time you're lucky enough to spot Mary-Kate and Ashley grinding with the Bush twins at Marquee, snap a shot of that forbidden twin sandwich o' love and send it to Scoopt (via email or picture messaging).

Your Ill-Gotten Gains
Once you've sent in your stalkerazzi masterpiece, Scoopt works hard to sell your picture to media outlets around the world. If a sale is made, they take half the proceeds, while the other half lines your pocket. There's no membership fee, and you retain the copyright (for future re-publication). Anything newsworthy brings in buyers, from celeb candids to natural disasters, so if you're in the right place at the right time, you might earn a lazy, dirty but still-sweet chunk of change. Hey, they don't call it filthy lucre for nothing.

Fun With Numbers....
A few predictions as to what you might get:
  • Shot of Keanu Reeves staring vacantly off into space—$2.50
  • Shot of a squirrel in Washington Square Park with an uncanny resemblance to Steve Buscemi—$74
  • Shot of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes making freaky love while Mel Gibson feeds them Prozac and screams at them in dead languages—$1,000
  • Shot of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger putting the mack on a Hilton sister at Bungalow 8—$2,500
  • Shot of Michael Jackson NOT looking like an utter freak—$5,000
  • Shot of the CIA torturing Kevin Federline in an undisclosed Eastern European prison...surprisingly—$0 (sounds fun, but still involves looking at K-Fed)

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