Fiat Lux

The Luxor

Vintage Uptown Gear in an Off-the-Beaten-Path Shop

Lately, thankfully, the weather’s been more French Riviera than Seattle.

Which means it’s time to update your wardrobe accordingly...

Here to help: Fiat Lux, a pocket-size depot specializing in mint-condition vintage gear and new local accessories ready to suit you up for yacht and cognac season, now open on Church.

At first glance, you’ll see shelves of women’s jewelry, but give your eyes a moment to adjust to this exposed brick space. Start by looking up and around (it’s got ample headroom from floor to ceiling), and things like Hermès ties from the ’70s and Rare Eyewear Playboys will start emerging from the woodwork.

As you’d guess, the majority of the assortment has more of an uptown-dinner-party flair than a hanging-out-at-a-coffee-shop sensibility. Take the ties—like the slightly skinny, limited-edition 1987 Hermès with fireworks commemorating the design house’s 150th anniversary, or the pure silk early ’80s sumo one.

Then, there are the Burberry jackets and some Dolce & Gabbana finds, such as the plaid dress jacket with silk collar that could double as a smoking jacket if you ever find yourself in a bind.

A few other standouts are a vintage wallet made from pony hide and Louis Vuitton aviators with lenses that turn gold in the sun.

You’ve always felt your money would be safer in pony hide.


Fiat Lux
218 Church St
San Francisco, CA, 94114

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