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Fairfax’s Fancy New Butcher Shop

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When you bet, you go all in.

When you compete, you go for the gold.

When you shop for ’70s-era bomber jackets, you max out the credit card.

So you’ll be happy to hear about two female butchers dedicated to completely breaking down whole animals from nose to tail. Welcome to Lindy & Grundy, now open on Fairfax.

If you need to pick up some steaks for the grill tonight, this is the store for you, run by a couple of generously tattooed ladies. There are glass cases full of meat, plus a track on the ceiling that will transport whole carcasses of beef through the shop to await their turn on the butcher block. (And these women use everything.)

So yes, pigs and cows will be magically transformed into bacon, sausages and steaks here. But you can also pick up pork rillettes, espresso chili and some beef stock made from the bones. They believe in using every part possible, and only from nearby farmers who feed their animals some nice grass instead of ’roids.

And even if you’re cooking for a semi-vegetarian, you’ll want to stop by to grab some Gateway Sausage—it’s half-tofu and half-chicken.

You can pick out the tofu.


Lindy & Grundy
801 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90046


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