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Renting Out Your Corner Office

UD - Share Your Office Your office.

A temple of respect. Of innovation. Of “World’s Best Boss” coffee mugs.

But it’s also a danger zone where anyone can find you. Underlings. Chatty colleagues. Bill from HR. (Turns out, your client trip to Bermuda was not an approved expense.)

It’s time you took a break and worked somewhere else. Somewhere like Paris...

Meet Share Your Office, a site helping you set up shop in offices around the world, now online.

So say you’re planning a hot-air balloon ride around the world (Branson’s your sponsor). But you also need to get some work done—those summer interns won’t hire themselves.

You’ll jump online and scope out the available office space—right now, room is available everywhere from New York City and Palo Alto to Barcelona.

Before takeoff, you’ll drop an email requesting the space. Then, as you’re gliding over Paris, you’ll realize your conference call’s in an hour (and it’s just too windy to dial in from the basket). So you’ll park the balloon, duck into your new corner office and make the call. (Better yet, no one will judge you for parking the balloon in the boss’s spot.)

Oh, and we should mention that there aren’t any Dallas listings yet, so the market’s wide open...

Just don’t forget to lock your scotch cabinet.

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