Truffle Shuffle

Hunting Truffles in the South African Bush

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In the heart of South Africa, you’ll find the rarest of wildlife.

Black rhinos. Black-maned lions. Something called an aardwolf.

And somewhere, in the darker, damper pockets of the desert, an even more delicious species waits.

Hint: it’s a truffle...

Introducing the Tswalu Kalahari Truffle Safari, a guided search for meerkats, cheetahs and the fungal delicacy of the Bushmen in South Africa’s largest private game reserve, now taking reservations for the April through May truffle season.

It’s a more epicurean take on the traditional crocodiles-eating-lions-attacking-gazelles safari. After flying by Cessna from Johannesburg or Cape Town (about 90 minutes), you’ll start at a private game reserve. You’ll take over one of the lodge’s eight suites (or choose to upgrade to the private house). Take a shower (outdoors), spark up the fireplace and air-dry—it’s been a long trip.

Then, the safari. You’ll ride an open-air vehicle with a driver-guide who, besides being able to identify antelope tracks, can also apply his talent to more high-stakes activities—like pointing out the best spots for gathering truffles. (He can also taste fear.)

After a long day in the bush, you’ll want to book a massage in the resort’s outdoor spa and, while dining alfresco on your private deck (those truffles won’t eat themselves), watch the sun turn the lodge’s watering hole purple as it drops below the horizon.

As the aardwolves howl in the distance.

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