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A Den of Pleasure in Playa del Carmen

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It’s been a long winter.

So, naturally, you’re thinking of heading somewhere warmer. Hotter. You know, like a hotel with a human-sized cage...

Introducing Reina Roja Hotel, a sultry adults-only homage to titillation of all types, located in the heart of Playa del Carmen and taking reservations now.

Imagine a typical white-washed Mexican hacienda. Now, imagine its debauched opposite—a high-design, lushly experimental pleasure palace. Upon arrival, you’ll notice everything is bathed in red light, from the deep, rich wood in the lobby bar to the chains hanging next to your bed. (Just go with it.)

After acquainting yourself with the intricacies of your room’s blackout curtains and catching, say, La Dolce Vita at the in-house cinema, you’ll want to head to the boutique, which resembles a Spanish Colonial–era pharmacy. It stocks what we can only assume are ancient Mayan aphrodisiacs—snake venom, hyacinth water and the tears of virgins. (No... seriously.)

Eventually, you’ll return to one of the hotel’s five themed rooms. There’s the Espacio Erótico, which comes equipped with an extra-large cage—for very large birds, of course. But we’re thinking the After Hours space, a soundproofed abode with disco balls, room for eight people and mirrored ceilings.

No idea what those are for.


Reina Roja Hotel
Calle 20 No 128
(between 5th and 10th Ave)
Playa del Carmen
Quintana Roo, Mexico
+52 984 877 3800
official website


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