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Taking the Alps by Motorcycle and Ski...

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The South of France. You’re familiar with its charms.

Yodeler-friendly chalets. Tan-line-free sunbathing. And, of course, late-season skiing... with an Italian motorcycle.

Presenting the Motorcycle and Ski Tour, an eight-day circuit that lets you live out your biker fantasies in the French Riviera and your snow sports fantasies in Mercantour, taking reservations now through mid-April.

Your journey begins in Cannes. Your steed: one of three models of Ducati, delivered by van. For two days, you’ll cruise the region’s winding coastal roads—including a Formula 1–style stop-off in Monaco—with the Mediterranean at your side, and Saint-Tropez ahead of you. (We hear Bardot look-alikes love leather.)

Once you’ve tasted the open road, you’ll be chauffeured to your hotel in Auron, where you’ll spend a day racing snowmobiles and learning to drift cars on ice. (Or in your case, relearning.)

The spring skiing here is solid—the season ends in late April, snowing well into May—so your final step will be forging new paths on the resort’s 42 slopes or heading to the more beginner-friendly Isola 2000 just 10 minutes away.

And no, you can’t keep the motorcycle.

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