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A Third-Floor Golf Course in the Loop

Don’t panic. But some of your entertainment expenses have caught the accounting department’s eye.

Now, we think you were justified in renting that private jet for the client golf outing. You weren’t going to send them to St. Andrews in coach.

But, alas, in the spirit of this “new normal,” you’re willing to compromise. Next time, it’s Pebble Beach. And you’ll have the golf course shipped to the Loop.

Here’s how: Play 18, a new Loop playground specializing in the newest in golf-playing technology and, very shortly, the oldest in Scotch whiskey technology, now soft-open.

Take the elevators to the third floor of a Jewelers Row office building (which also houses a certain Scottish pub), and walk into what looks like an old-world golf clubhouse—big leather chairs, a bar, the Golf Channel. But look closer: this is the golf clubhouse of the not-too-distant future. Tiger Woods meets Tom Cruise in Minority Report—or at least Wii meets Watson.

To your right, you’ll find four virtual driving ranges, where your swing is analyzed from every conceivable angle. To your left, a pair of PGA simulators, giving you the opportunity to play the world’s greatest golf courses in eerily precise detail. You can even use your favorite wedge when you’re in the Pebble Beach rough.

There’s more to come in the next few weeks: workout equipment, a sauna and a bar pouring single-malt scotch.

Technology still can’t improve that.


Play 18
17 N Wabash Ave, 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL, 60602

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