Cookie Monster

One Extremely Caffeinated Cookie

UD - The Mocha Monster Let’s talk for a moment about that desk drawer by your leg. Go on, open it up.

You’ve got some jerky. Some random condiments from lunches past. And oh, right—that number from the actress/singer/race car driver you met at Il Sole last night.

By the way, you owe her a call.

But what your drawer is missing is a real pick-me-up—like a cookie with the equivalent of five espresso shots baked inside.

Introducing The Mocha Monster, your extremely caffeinated jolt of an afternoon snack, now available from LA-based Isabella’s Cookie Company.

Think of these things as your salvation around 4pm—that barren, timeless vacuum of your day when lunch is a hazy memory, you’re not going to be done working anytime soon, and you’re getting sleepy... very sleepy...

The specs: it’s a brown sugar cookie, with big chunks of milk chocolate and, aside from all that espresso, some bourbon vanilla thrown in for good measure.

It’s your favorite kind of vanilla.


The Mocha Monster
from Isabella’s Cookie Company

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