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Hiding Out in the Costa Rican Highlands

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The people you know: they know even more people.

So the prospect of uprooting your entire social circle and transplanting them to a temperate Central American country seems like at least a mild hassle.


Introducing Hacienda Santa Ines, a hideout in the Costa Rican highlands ready for you and 19 of your closest friends, taking reservations now.

It’s essentially a billionaire’s mountain compound—with all the gadgets, servants and personal movie theaters that implies. You’ll have to trek a few miles to get to the beach... so it’s a good thing you’ve got a four-seater helicopter to cover the distance and bring along any necessary massage equipment. (It’s always the little things.)

Once your friends are done getting their feet wet, you can spend the afternoon exploring 300 acres of jungle, lake and grass-topped mountain. The gearheads can hop on ATVs while the rest of the group can pick up horses (and possibly cowboy hats) from the stables. Yes, you have stables.

When you’re done, you’ll retire to whichever of the 10 bedrooms you decided on. (We recommend the stand-alone chalet... or the room closest to the hot tub.) Or if the day’s festivities revealed a few long-simmering feuds—quad racing has a way of doing that—you can settle things on the two-acre paintball field.

It was that or trust falls.

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