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You don’t often set foot inside restaurants that share names with HBO shows—your standing reservation at Chez Arli$$ notwithstanding.

But when a gleaming new spot in the W complex will be open around the clock on the weekends, thus sating all your 5am pizza cravings, well, this is obviously a place you need to know about. And so we introduce Café Entourage, opening Wednesday on Vine. (Yes, really.)

Now, we know what this sounds like: an alternate universe where you’ll find Turtle and Drama hitting on the waitstaff while E tries to persuade Vince to ditch the coke and sign on for Smoke Jumpers 2. And it might actually be sort of like that. But with way more purple than you might’ve thought, and a late-night sheen you rarely see in Hollywood.

So here’s the likely scenario: on Friday night, you’ll corral your friends and leave the club a bit early so you can get up to the huge second-floor lounge in time for Banker’s Bets (bourbon and basil) before 2am.

Then, relax. They’re open 24 hours from Thursday night through Saturday night, so there’s no rush. Have a pepperoni pizza or a rib eye, and if you’re still there when the sun rises, grab some steak and eggs.

Technically, you could stay all the way until Sunday night if you like.

Just make sure to check in with Sloan.


Café Entourage
1600 N Vine St
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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