Things to do for March 03, 2011

The Weekender

Madonna, Max Weinberg and a Lobster You'll Eat Alive

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A Live Lobster Dinner at 15 East

A Live Lobster Dinner at 15 East

Something you typically don’t expect from tasting menus: a fight. Nonetheless, be prepared to defend yourself versus this three-course prix fixe of live spiny lobster. You’ll need quick hands to keep it from walking away. And for picking belly sashimi out of its still-moving body. Watch out for that right claw hook.

Available now, 15 East, 15 E 15th St, 212-647-0015

Snapshots of the 1980s Club Scene

Snapshots of the 1980s Club Scene

They say if we don’t learn from our history, we’re doomed to repeat it. So you’ll approach this photo gallery of 1980s New York nightlife with forced short-term amnesia. Observe a candidly shot Warhol, a youthful Madonna on the prowl and a retrospective on designer parachute pants.

Now through Apr 16, Tue-Sat, noon-6pm, Leica Gallery, 670 Broadway, 212-777-3051

70% Off Richard Chai

70% Off Richard Chai

There’s the kind of intimidation you get from a Gambino family hitman. And then there’s the kind of intimidation you get from frequenting a sample sale hawking black boots, narrow tailored suits and extra-roomy peacoats. Conveniently large enough to conceal a violin case.

A Late-Night Bender Menu at Lavo

A Late-Night Bender Menu at Lavo

Your quest to replicate the Vegas lifestyle in Midtown Manhattan is about to receive a boost... in the form of a $95 two-foot pizza with lobster, sliced Kobe, shaved foie gras, black truffles, 25-year-old balsamic and gold leaf. It’s the official late-night snack of 2008 Hummer owners.

Available Thu-Sat, 1-3am, Lavo, 39 E 58th St, 212-750-5588

Springsteen’s Drummer at the Maritime

Springsteen’s Drummer at the Maritime

Your recipe for the proper live music showcase usually includes: 1 hotel bar, 12 parts musical accompaniment and 1/10 of the E Street Band. Which just happens to be exactly what the Maritime is serving up this month with Max Weinberg Mondays. It’s the kick drum start your week needs.

Starts Mar 7, doors 6pm, sets 7 and 8pm, The Maritime Hotel, 363 W 16th St, 212-242-4300

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