The Month Ahead

Dogsledding, Pancakes and Elle Macpherson

Ah, March. A month of leprechauns, dogsledding and... madness. Here, a numerical look at the third month of the year.

National Caffeine Awareness Month

National Caffeine Awareness Month

Amount of caffeine in Four Loko, pre-ban: 156 mg
Amount of caffeine in Four Loko, post-ban: 0 mg
Average post-ban black market price for a can of Four Loko: $15
Odds this holiday is authentic: 1.3%

The Iditarod
MAR 5-20

The Iditarod

Total number of racing dogs: Over 1,000
Distance traveled: 1,161 miles
Fastest recorded finish: 8 days, 23 hours
Top speed: 17 mph
Canine steroid allegations: None so far

National Pancake Week
MAR 6-12

National Pancake Week

Diameter of largest pancake ever made: 41 feet, 2 inches
Weight: 3 tons
Calories: 2 million
International Houses of Pancakes within US borders: Just under 1,500
Outside North America: 0

Jon Hamm Turns 40
MAR 10

Jon Hamm Turns 40

Salary for first season of Mad Men: $20,000 per episode
Salary for fourth season of Mad Men: $125,000 per episode
Daily pay at his worst pre-acting gig, set dresser for soft-core porn: $150 a day
Lines in his feature debut, Space Cowboys: 1
Don Draper’s total mistresses: 12 and counting

St. Patrick’s Day
MAR 17

St. Patrick’s Day

First American St. Patrick’s Day parade: 1737
Shortest St. Patrick’s parade: 98 feet, in Hot Springs, Arkansas
Average parade attendance in Dublin: Half a million
Average parade attendance in New York City: 2 million
Pints of Guinness consumed on St. Patrick’s Day, worldwide: 13 million

Elle Macpherson Turns 48
MAR 29

Elle Macpherson Turns 48

Height: 6 feet even
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers: 5
Appearances on Friends: 5
Cost of a sealed, mint condition 1988 Swimsuit Issue on eBay: $211
True value: Priceless

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