Il Sole

License to Il

Red Wine and Italian Classics on Sunset

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With all due respect to Shirley MacLaine, you’ve never really believed in reincarnation. At least not with humans.

With Italian restaurants, though: sure. Happens occasionally.

And we have proof...

Presenting Il Sole, the newly reborn hideaway of Hollywood Italian-ness, now open (again) on the Sunset Strip.

Just take a look around. It’s almost like a quaint little house in the Italian countryside, a few interconnected rooms like the Il Sole you remember, except... not. Now below you: concrete floors. Now above you: tin ceilings. And that guy catching up with the willowy actress in the corner—yes, that’s Brent Bolthouse, he of Trousdale, SBE and The Hills, brought in by original owners Arnold Stiefel and Andy Hewitt to help spruce up the place.

So. You’ll come in with a date to celebrate—she got the part—and toast her with a glass of champagne at the little six-seater bar. Then you’re ready for a leisurely candlelit dinner of red wine, spaghetti and eggplant parmesan, just like before. The menu hasn’t really changed yet, but in the coming weeks you’ll see some additions like more crudo... and a full liquor license.

We didn’t mean to keep you in suspense.

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