The Baccarat Salon at the Wynn Las Vegas

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A Private Salon of High-Limit Baccarat

UD - The Baccarat Salon at the Wynn Las Vegas A successful Vegas trip is... an untraceable Vegas trip.

It’s why you check into suites under the name Sgt. Danny Ocean IV, stockpile the country’s largest collection of prosthetic chins and stake your baccarat runs far from the public eye.

But well within striking distance of the pool.

Introducing The Baccarat Salon at the Wynn Las Vegas, a curtained-off palace of gaming with poolside views, high-limit tables and the chance to observe whales in their natural habitat, now open.

Consider this the most luxurious safe house on the Strip. Gray mohair-tiled walls. Crystal chandeliers. More gold than a smattering, but less than you’d find in a Saudi prince’s living room.

You’ll settle in here when you want to comp your way to a private jet in peace and quiet, or just feel uncomfortable changing a metal briefcase of unmarked bills on the main floor.

You’ll bed down in the Fairway Apartment, and get to the salon from the Tower Suites via a private marble hallway, as befits someone of your stature. Once inside, head toward the clandestine corner by the far back wall for something truly unique: a gaming table with a window view.

With one eye on your cards and one eye on the jacuzzi outside, you’ll calculate odds, judge the situation and make a call about whether to hit, stick or change into a bathing suit.

There’s that private hallway, if you’re feeling modest.


The Baccarat Salon at the Wynn Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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