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Renting Out the Corner Office

UD - Desktime Look around. Take it all in. Yes, we mean your new corner office. Now remember the Herculean effort it took to get you there.

Working leads. Landing accounts. Making it rain. Promising unspecified favors to the office manager in exchange for an unobstructed view of Oak Street Beach.

Now, it’s payback time—that office is going to start making you money. Introducing Desktime, a new site helping you monetize your desk/office/flying headquarters by renting it out when you’re not using it.

Basically, it’s a listing service for short-term leases on shared office space, allowing you to put your toe back in the volatile Loop real estate market, one desk at a time.

The listings range from simple desk/phone/internet setups to full-scale video production facilities—keep that in mind when you get around to adding the soundtrack to that footage you shot of your last semiformal water-ski adventure.

So as you look out your window today and remember that you really need to check on the progress of the firm’s Honolulu office in person, you won’t have to worry about letting that inspirational majestic view lie fallow. Post a description of your office and a quick snapshot of it. Soon, you’ll be collecting rent from an eager upstart ready to keep your seat warm.

Note: Rahm’s desk not listed at press time.

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