Under Cover

The Adult Jewelry You Never Saw Coming

UD - Incoqnito We want to be clear about something.

If you happen to find women’s jewelry to be offensive, you should probably stop reading now.

But to be fair, we’re also referring to a very... specific type of women’s jewelry.

You know, the kind that moonlights as an adult toy.

Which brings us to Incoqnito, a curious collection of unassuming women’s accessories by day and something entirely different by night, now available online.

The whole concept was cooked up by a Georgia Tech grad turned industrial designer who (thankfully) saw something very wrong with the fact that her belt didn’t double as a whip. And while she was at it, she went ahead and designed a set of brown leather bracelets that link together (somehow you knew handcuffs would be involved), a silver necklace that may or may not require batteries and a laundry list of other undercover essentials.

And sure, any one of these things would make for a great self-gift cleverly disguised as a her-gift. But let’s say you’re out with a few friends. You lock eyes with a lovely and dangerous-looking brunette from across the room... and she happens to be wearing some very familiar regalia.

Well, let’s just say now may be a good time to introduce yourself to this person.

If only to show appreciation for her taste in jewelry.

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