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Sleeping in a Sphere in a Forest

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It happens all the time.

You need somewhere to take someone special (or special enough for right now). Somewhere both beautiful and secluded, somewhere you’ll have plenty of time to... “talk.”

Naturally, it’s going to involve Canada.

Welcome to Free Spirit Spheres, a set of free-hanging spherical hotel rooms strung up in a Vancouver Island forest, taking reservations now.

First, make your way to Vancouver (this would be a good time to break out your hovercraft), and then head 70 miles west of the city to a forest just off the coast. That’s where you’ll find your den of iniquity for the weekend—a 10-foot wooden sphere strung up 15 feet above the forest floor, accessible only by a spiral staircase wrapped around a tree trunk.

The sphere is dangling from the three nearest trees, so it’ll move anytime the wind blows (or if you shift your weight too vigorously) for a lulling, hammock-like feeling. As you’ll no doubt notice—perhaps during the aforementioned weight-shifting—there is a porthole above the bed, through which you can gaze out into the forest and contemplate whether or not you’ll be dropping $60,000 to commission a sphere of your own.

No word on if they’ll help you roll it back home.

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