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Tapas and Novels in JP

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It happens every time.

You’re reading a new essay by Christopher Hitchens extolling the genius of Flannery O’Connor and Lady Gaga (as it relates to geopolitical stabilization), and you suddenly start to think: “This would be great with tapas. And music.”

Well, we’re happy to report: you aren’t the only one.

Introducing Tres Gatos, your new ace for landing some literary fiction, Miles Davis and wine under the same roof, tentatively opening a week from today in JP.

Picture Barnes & Noble. Now picture it as one store. Subtract the evil corporate empire aspect. Add a bar, a funky 40-seat dining space for Grilled Vermont Quail and tapas. Presto. You’ve got Tres Gatos.

Once inside, you’ll want to make a quick pass through the bookstore portion, grab that Cormac McCarthy novel you’ve been meaning to get to and have a seat at the 10-seat bar. While brushing up on his author bio, you’ll pick from a platter of jamón ibérico and manchego cheese over a frosty Pretty Things draft, followed by a liberal sampling of Imperial IPA bottles (known as the Blood Meridian of beers).

And since cured meats and cold beer always bring out the audiophile in you, you’ll then thumb through their vinyl selection and overhaul your rock, rockabilly and pop collections.

Yes, the Black Eyed Peas sound just as terrible on vinyl.

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