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It’s coming. You can feel it. The biggest football game of the year—and the business opportunities, shall we say, it provides.

To take full advantage, you’ll need a damn good sportsbook. One that’s fully wired. Plenty of flat-screens. And, if possible, fully portable...

Introducing the Cantor Race & Sports Book at the Hard Rock Hotel, the first sportsbook in Vegas to let you place bets from almost anywhere on hotel property, open now.

It’s a cathedral-sized sportsbook reimagined as a Wall Street trading floor. So you’ve got a wall of flat-screens fortified by over 70 betting terminals, each updated with the latest lines and prop bets. So if you have a last-minute premonition of an Aaron Rodgers sack, you can lay it down in a matter of seconds instead of bothering with niceties like betting slips, lines or putting down your mai tai.

And on Sunday, when you feel compelled to explore the massive Super Bowl party at The Joint next door, you can pick up an iPad-sized tablet or a phone-sized handheld device that will let you conduct the action from anywhere in the hotel. By the end of the month, most of the grounds should be wired.

Your dream of a jacuzzi-based gambling empire is finally within reach.


Cantor Race & Sports Book
at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
4455 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV, 89169


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