Sleep No More

No Sleep Till...

Losing Yourself in an Abandoned Hotel

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Be careful.

Things are getting weird on West 27th Street.

Weirder than normal.

The kind of weird that may result in you lost inside a 100,000-square-foot cursed hotel, while wearing a Venetian mask.

And being stalked by a pack of angry witches...

Introducing Sleep No More, or what would happen if Kubrick, Hitchcock, Lynch and Bill Shakespeare got together to transform a compound of abandoned nightclubs into an immersive hotel/speakeasy/interactive play replete with extra-dry martinis and simmered sheep organs, with tickets on sale now.

The less you know ahead of time, the better. But basically, some guys from The Box and Purgatorio have remade the monstrous nightlife depot that used to be Twilo, Guest House and a million other clubs into a surreal interpretation of a haunted hotel. Think of the Overlook meets the Bates Motel, set in the 1930s and placed under the ownership of a psychotic Macbeth.

It’ll be dark. Menacing music will play. And you’ll assume the role of a terrified voyeur (shouldn’t be much of a stretch). At this point, you’ll have the option of exploring secret rooms, examining fresh crime scenes or ripping your mask off and making a beeline for the hotel’s jazz bar.

Though if you do that, you’re liable to miss what might best be described as a witch orgy.

Which is one of those things you really can’t unsee.

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