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Hall After Hall of Secret Food

UD - Atlanta Underground Market We should probably warn you.

In the very near future, you will receive a message.

The contents: a very specific set of instructions that will eventually lead you into a labyrinth of hallways populated by shadowy figures and strange smells.

Just kidding.

They’re actually really nice... and that’s probably just a PB&J panini or something.

But we were serious about the rest of it. Welcome to the Atlanta Underground Market, a clandestine gathering of over 40 food-slinging vendors in an undisclosed location, now taking reservations for its inaugural fete on February 26.

The whole thing was modeled after the San Francisco and Oakland underground farmers’ markets, where local chefs, food hobbyists and a few gastronomical mad scientist types would show up to an under-the-radar location to peddle their glorious wares. So it’s basically that, but here.

After you jump online to get yourself on the list, all that’s left to do is sit back and await further instructions, which will come in the form of directions to a secret Downtown location exactly one day prior to the big day.

And when that day comes, you’ll find yourself bobbing and weaving through winding hallways filled with Cuban pastries, pizzelles (those waffle-y Italian cookies) and, of course, the occasional raclette... which is basically what happens when you hand the Swiss a few potatoes and some oozy cheese.

Nothing beats a good underground cheese oozing.

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