Doyle Mueser

Doyle Rules

Your On-Call Bespoking Mastermind

February tends to be your most formal month.

The Oscars. Sign language translation duties at the Super Bowl halftime show. That annual Groundhog Day tuxedo dune-buggy race.

With all that wear and tear, we’re predicting you’ll need a new suit by March.

Which means you need to start planning now...

Please meet Doyle Mueser, your on-call private tailor who’s less of an actual person and more of a sartorial state of mind manifested as a discreet bespoke suit shop, open now.

It’ll start with an idea. You’ll awaken from a particularly vivid dream, or emerge from three days in a Native American sweat lodge, with an image of your signature suit committed to memory.

Immediately, you’ll pick up the phone, call Doyle Mueser and ask for a man named Jake. Jake is going to be your personal tailor for the next six to 10 weeks. During that time, he’ll eat, sleep and drink like any normal person. But he’ll also spend an inordinate amount of time creating a suit right here in New York that’s custom fit based on your hopes, your dreams, your desires and, if you like, your profession.

And while he’s measuring, fabric-sourcing imported cashmere from Edinburgh and meeting you all over Manhattan to ensure that your garments are made to spec, you’ll do your part by sampling his scotch collection.

It’s really the least you could do.


Doyle Mueser
19 Christopher St
New York, NY, 10014

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