Wake-Up Call

The New Antidote to Jet Lag

UD - Jetpax You’ve had a long couple of days.

Specifically, the last 57 hours, which began in Singapore and passed through Sydney, Phnom Penh, Honolulu and a surprisingly lively airport tiki bar in Anchorage before depositing you soundly in your much-missed bed.

Now if only you could get to sleep.

Introducing Jetpax, a bold new powder to help you rid yourself of the scourge known as jet lag, available now.

Okay, technically it’s a pair of powders: one for waking up and one for cooling down. So when 3am rolls around and you’re still counting, naming and developing personality profiles for a never-ending line of sheep, you’ll grab some water and pour in a packet of the helpfully named (and sleep-inducing) 3am Powder. And when you’re propping open your eyelids 12 hours later, the 3pm Powder will keep you awake long enough to get back on schedule.

Now, let’s be clear: these aren’t the kind of powders Charlie Sheen uses to spice up his weekend. They’re made from herbs and vitamins that don’t require a doctor’s permission—like tea leaf extract and apple cider vinegar for the wake-up call, and melatonin, magnolia bark and something called ashwagandha for the cooldown.

Actually, we hear it’s what Charlie uses.

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