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CGI Flowers and Fish in a Nightclub

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Today, let’s talk about places where you can go green. Nope, we don’t mean windmills and electric cars.

It’s Friday, so we’re talking about drinking and carousing.

So say hello to The Green Room at Eden, opening tonight as your reason to go back to the garden in midwinter.

Last summer, we told you about their enviable rooftop, complete with bamboo, a tiki bar and cigars rolled to order. It still goes strong, sheltered by infrared heat lamps. But this level, dressed up in Chinese wood walls, waterfalls and loads of green LEDs, looks like something out of Avatar. In fact—spoiler alert—some of the plants were sourced from the same folks who sourced plants for the movie.

You’ll first want to check things out here with an after-work date during happy hour (5:30 to 9pm, Wednesday to Friday), not only for half-price deals on drinks or small bites like Steamed Shrimp Gyoza or Spicy Chinese Ravioli, but also to get an up-close look at the funkiness that is their interactive displays. CGI flowers bloom as you stroll past one glass wall. Move your drink on the bar, and virtual fish swim in a pond.

But you’ll want to return with a group later at night, when you can order bottle service at low tables made of birch branches. The best table: that would be the elevated one behind the DJ and his usual complement of sax players and percussionists.

Just don’t go linking up tails with anyone in public.

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