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Sleeping in a Monastery (with Hot Tubs)

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Lately, you’ve been thinking: there’s a lot to love about monks.

They chant. They sing. They brew crazy beer.

And most importantly, they put together one hell of a hotel.

Welcome to Gamirasu Cave Hotel, a Byzantine 1,000-year-old Turkish monastery transformed into a fully stocked cave hotel, taking reservations now.

Think of this as your chance to live like an 11th-century monk―if only they’d had room service and a more accommodating attitude toward jacuzzis. Your room is a hole carved 230 feet deep into a stony hillside. And as recently as the ’70s, it was occupied by real-life, robe-wearing monks―until they suddenly left the place, presumably to start a spiritual barbershop group.

Outside your quarters, you’ll have a maze of stone tunnels and sun-dappled balconies to explore (three words: tunnel dinner party), and down at the square each night is a whirling dervish dance—a choreographed performance by a local squad of friars. (It’s the Turkish equivalent of You Got Served.)

And if you’re in the mood to get closer to a higher power in the physical sense, the hotel will send you up into the skies in a hot-air balloon―with an aerial view of canyons, fields and the ancient caves surrounding the monastery.

Robe optional.

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