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You like to surround yourself with people in the know.

It’s why you have Pat LaFrieda at all your barbecues.

It’s why you keep a meteorologist on personal retainer.

And it’s why you’ll turn your wardrobe over to the same upstart pair of twins who’re outfitting James Franco for an upcoming role.

No, not 127 More Hours.

Meet Ovadia & Sons, a new custom clothing shop where siblings Ariel and Shimon can make, obtain or cuff anything you desire, open now.

The duo’s well-versed in the fine art of seeking, so you’ll want to commission them for a Raiders of the Lost Ark–style exotic adventure of self-discovery, danger and fabric sourcing. Mostly fabric sourcing.

In their store, you’ll be presented with a constantly evolving stock of wares available nowhere else in the city. Rakish windowpane suits (for maintaining your air of mystery), plaid oxfords (for après-ski cocktailing) and cashmere scarves (vital for protecting your yodeling voice).

But should you come up with a wardrobe request so unusual, so ahead-of-its-time that they can’t pull it directly off the rack (say, formal galoshes), the two will embark on an international expedition to find the tuxedo-ready snowshoes you require.

Or just ask for the Full Franco.


Ovadia & Sons
37 W 13th St
New York, NY, 10011


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