The Missing Rinks

A Highly Subjective Study on Skating Rinks

UD - Skating in the Sky at the W Downtown and The Standard Ice Skating Rink Some coincidences are just too strong to ignore. Like when a pair of hotels debuts a pair of ice-skating rinks. At the exact same time. Thus, we were compelled to investigate Skating in the Sky at the W Downtown and The Standard Ice Skating Rink. By no means should you consider this a competition. Though someone will skate away with a humongous trophy.

Sizing Each Other Up
The W: 400 square feet.
The Standard: 3,000 square feet.
Edge: The Standard. But the 12-by-40-foot rink at the W is still enough space for your Black Swan interpretive Ice Capades show.

Peak Elevation
The W: Five floors up.
The Standard: Ground level.
Edge: The W. The Russian judge/cocktail waitress will appreciate the extra degree of difficulty.

Type of Ice
The W: A futuristic hybrid-ice synthetic rink panel polymer.
The Standard: Frozen water.
Edge: The Standard. There may or may not be a Zamboni. And we may or may not know where the keys are hidden.

The Scene
The W: Panoramic views. Titans of the financial world working on their short program.
The Standard: Waitresses in tight black snowsuits. Models/skaters in tighter black jeans.
Edge: The Standard. Imagine the rink at Rockefeller Center, but with fewer families from Tulsa, and more visiting European dignitaries.

Après-Skating Accommodations
The W: Skate-up, rinkside Ice Bar constructed entirely out of freezing-cold blocks of fake ice.
The Standard: Biergarten with Winter Oyster Bar. Cheese fondue.
Edge: The W. It’s hard not to appreciate a winterized version of the swim-up pool bar.

Drinks Other Than Spiked Hot Chocolate
The W: Kumquat Mules. Bourbon Hot Toddies.
The Standard: Hard pear cider. Bitburger Pils. Schnapps.
Edge: The Standard. Martini glasses and slippery synthetic rink panel polymer make terrible bedfellows.


<p><strong>Skating in the Sky at the W Downtown<br /></strong>123 Washington St<br />New York, NY 10006<br />646-826-8600<br /><a target="_blank" href="http://www.wnewyorkdowntown.com/Skatinginthesky">official website<br /></a><br /><strong>The Standard Ice Skating Rink<br /></strong>848 Washington St<br />New York, NY 10014<br />212-645-4646<br /><a target="_blank" href="http://content.standardculture.com/post/2336170316/skate-your-hearts-out">official website</a></p>

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