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A Hidden Gastropub in Hollywood

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In the not-so-distant past, you distinctly remember some pretty spectacular nights at Hollywood club Les Deux.

Parts of them, anyway.

And before that, in a haze of cigarettes and red wine, something about a sprawling French café in the same spot called... Les Deux.

Well, forget the parts you remember―there’s a new spot here, and it’s a nice little gastropub with buffalo burgers, whiskey and some bright green chairs. And it’s called: Les Deux, soft-opening tonight.

Operating on that third-time’s-a-charm principle, the new Les Deux is the opposite of what came before it (and before that). It’s small and simple, tucked into what used to be a dark back room of the club. You’ll probably want to stop in here after work when, after the day you’ve had, you just need a table covered with chicken wings and a cumin-crusted buffalo burger with corn relish.

Or if you’re coming by to fuel up before a Las PalmasPremiereAngels & Kings trifecta run just up the street, you can start things off with a Where There’s Smoke (whiskey, lemon, three-chili syrup). Or maybe even a Smashed Irishman (whiskey, lemon, honey, red bell pepper).

Insert your redundancy joke here...


Les Deux
1638 N Las Palmas Ave
(south of Hollywood)
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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