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Cocktails and Screening Rooms in Highland Park

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You’ve written the script. You’ve cast the star (you). You’ve even shot and edited the damn thing.

And now, it’s finally time to debut the rough cut of your cinematic masterpiece to a few trusted friends and advisers. (Macaulay always gives good feedback.)

You’re only missing one thing: a suitable venue.

Which brings us to Highland Park Village Theatre, the 75-year-old movie palace, reopening in grand style this Friday.

You’ve probably been to this place a few times in its old incarnation as... a movie theater. But now, your options include two screening rooms stuffed full of leather recliners for you and up to 200 fellow moviegoers. (One of those theaters also has a 3D projector.) To deepen your enjoyment of the cinematic arts—or to soften the blow when your ladyfriend drags you to Country Strong—soon, you’ll be able to get a cocktail from the full bar.

But back to your magnum opus (title: Lieutenant Maverick Danger, M.D.). You have two private screening rooms at your disposal, with sofas, recliners and a waitress for you and 12 trusted critics. There’s a 15-foot screen in each theater—perfect for showcasing that tear-jerking, slow-mo shootout finale (Minka really nailed the “not without my kittens” line). Or, you know, taking in the Mavs’ next away game.

We hear Dirk gives an Oscar-worthy performance.


Highland Park Village Theatre
32 Highland Park Village
Dallas, TX, 75205


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