Caviar Bar at Emperor's Roe

Caviar Dreams

Caviar Bar in Harlem

Some combinations are so fascinating they're just begging to be tried—like espresso and vodka or Three 6 Mafia and the Oscars.

Or now, caviar and Harlem.

Tomorrow, a destination bar hits the unlikely destination of Lenox and 120th—Caviar Bar at Emperor's Roe.

Owner David Mills seems like a typical laid-back guy—Salmon Roe to $200-an-ounce Beluga), complete with champagne pairings and Baskin-Robbins-style samplings ("I'm not sure, can I get another taste of that Iranian Sevruga?").

Flanked by a deli counter (selling accoutrements like foie gras and escargot) and the small fine dining room in the back (opening next month), the bar is a casual joint, an unpretentious spot to experience your pretentious tastes.

It's now just a question of time before we bring you a new artisanal fromagerie in Sugar Hill and a foie gras joint in Bushwick.


Caviar Bar at Emperor's Roe
200 Lenox Ave
(at 120th St)
New York, NY, 10027

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