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An Island Paradise in the Maldives

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We’ve got a breaking, urgent, exclusive news nugget for you: it’s cold.

Our suggestion: a desert island, a baking tropical sun and, since everyone gets hungry, a glass-enclosed restaurant underwater...

Welcome to Anantara Kihavah, a brand-new island paradise in the Maldives, taking reservations now.

Picture what Robinson Crusoe would’ve built if he’d had a few hundred helpers and a 10% stake in Facebook. It’s 80 miles from anywhere with an airport, reachable only by seaplane or boat, so almost everything came from on the island―including the coconut-wood crossbeams in your villa, which is suspended a few feet above the clear blue water. You’ll be surrounded by infinity pools nestled between swaying palm trees, and a whole island’s worth of empty beaches to help you work on your winter tan for the afternoon. (Crusoe’s tanning regimen was famously rigorous.)

Then, when dinnertime rolls around, you’ll work your way down to a glass-walled underwater aquarium-lounge—it’s got a great view of what that red snapper looked like before arriving on your plate. And your night’s not over yet. After dark is the best time to hop a Maldivian dhoni (you might know them by their technical name: boats) to the atoll’s best fishing spot, where you can cast your line in peace while learning a few of the southern constellations.

Which should help you find your way back.


Anantara Kihavah
Baa Atoll,
Republic of Maldives
+960 750 8400


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