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Crafting Your Own Meal at RH

UD - Be the Chef So it’s that time of year.

Time to get your friends together for a festive dinner party, featuring your famous Duck Confit and maybe some Slow-Braised Beef Cheek.

Two problems: 1) You’re not famous for your duck confit. 2) You have no idea how to slow-braise beef cheek.

Solution: Be the Chef at RH, your chance to step into the kitchen of an acclaimed restaurant and whip up a little holiday feast alongside a master Frenchman, now accepting reservations.

Here’s how it works: just call the restaurant, book the chef’s table, work out which menu options you want to tackle, and send out invites to 10 or so of the best gift-givers in your life (we’re thinking Emma Stone, Diddy, Don Draper’s fiancée, a few Rocawear models and Bridges). When the day comes, you’ll head over a few hours early to meet chef Sebastien Archambault and don a white coat he’ll have waiting for you. (It probably won’t stay white for long.)

And after a couple hours of chopping, braising and confit-ing with a man who recently earned a Michelin star in Corsica, you’ll gracefully present your friends a family-style feast of that duck, that beef cheek and/or some Field Mushroom Risotto with Black Truffle Sauce. And you can honestly say you made it.

No, you don’t have to do the dishes.


Be the Chef
at RH in the Andaz West Hollywood
8401 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA, 90069

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