Something in the Air

Introducing the Vitamin Inhaler

UD - Le Whif Breathable Vitamins There’s something in the air. You can almost smell it... but wait. Don’t.

It’s cold and flu season, after all—and we’re not having you miss seeing your CEO arm wrestle your CFO at the Christmas party.

Instead, let us introduce you to Le Whif Breathable Vitamins, an inhaler filled with all manner of atomized antioxidants and vitamins, and the most fun you’ll have staying healthy since the Flintstones came in chewable form, available now.

Now you should know that these are the next logical phase in the life’s work of a Harvard researcher, who created a breathable version of insulin, and then immediately turned to goals with real social value: inhalable chocolate and inhalable coffee.

So when you’re starting to feel a bit run down and need some antioxidants to boost your immune system, don’t fuss with tea bags, scalding water and putting on your kimono. Take a canister from your pocket and puff from the Green Tea Le Whif. If your evening leads you to places that no hand sanitizer can safely protect you from, take a quick hit from the multivitamin-packed Hibiscus Tea Le Whif. And finally, there’s the Age Smart Wine Tea, with the age-defying compound known as resveratrol, which is thought to help combat aging, and is found in red wine.

Perfect for when all you have on you is a bottle of champagne.

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