Plane Speaking

A Social Network for Your Next Flight

UD - Planely We’ve seen the future, and you’re in an airport.

And out of the corner of your eye, you notice a fetching Vera Farmiga look-alike. She’s on your plane.

At this moment, you need two things: an airplane bottle of champagne. And a game plan.

Here to help with the latter: Planely, a social network for you and everyone on your plane, in beta now. (For the former, we think you can manage.)

Think of it as LinkedIn for your flights. You’ll start by signing up and uploading your itinerary. Then you’ll be presented with a list of all the Planely members on the same flight or in the same airport, including profiles and a messaging system so you can start your networking early. And most importantly, you’ll see everyone’s seat number—so you’ll be able to choose between, say, the aforementioned Farmiga type in 14C and the studio head in 1B (you’ve got this idea for a cross between Legally Blonde and The Deer Hunter...)

And when you find yourself with a few hours to kill in Heathrow, you can choose a layover partner from the same list. Just drop them a message—possibly comparing yourselves to ships in the night—and arrange to meet up at the British equivalent of Cinnabon.

You’ll always have the Crumpet Factory.

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