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Inside Longman & Eagle’s New Hotel

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Winter has arrived, meaning that the invasive species known as the holiday houseguest isn’t far behind.

While you’re much too gracious to send marauding friends and relations to a hotel, feel free to send yourself to one.

Welcome to the upstairs inn at Longman & Eagle, your new place to sleep off a hard night of whiskey flights and world-class gastropubbing, opening above the restaurant in mid-December.

This joint has just six rooms, and does away with antiquated hotel nonessentials—check-in counters, bellhops, lobbies—focusing instead on the important stuff: tiny bottles of locally made hooch, handmade furniture and MCA-worthy artwork of hipster girls in their underwear drinking beer.

Here’s the plan. Take your family/friends/college roommates to Longman to show off their Michelin-lauded wild boar sloppy joes. After dinner/drinks/fighting over the check, give them your house keys and say good-bye. Then check in online with your smartphone, and get your key from the bartender.

You’ll bound up a flight of stairs, turn left at the arctic coyote skin and soon be twiddling the knobs of a vintage tape player (with housemade mixtapes), downloading movies from Apple TV and sinking into nine inches of memory foam. Oh, and you should know that the bathroom/shower is essentially in the room, separated by a glass wall...

So don’t bunk with your sister.


Longman & Eagle
2657 N Kedzie Ave
(at Schubert)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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