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Rooftop-to-Table in the West Village

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The unmarked basement. A city staple.

The hydroponic, tap-water-irrigated rooftop garden. A pipe dream.

But stay with us. They both exist. In one fertile Greenwich Village apartment building with a six-story pulley system.

Introducing Bell Book & Candle, the city’s first and only rooftop-to-table restaurant, opening this Friday.
Now, before you go ahead and assume the worst, let us assure you that this is not the kind of place reserved for vegan supper clubs and chickpea tasting flights. Yes, freshly picked yellow watermelons and squash blossoms will rain down from above as you and your date sit in a seductive basement dungeon (the kind that smells of rosemary) among quaint vintage decorations at rustic wooden tables.

But this isn’t just a medley of glorified side dishes. There’s also meat. Only it’s delivered through more traditional channels... like a butcher named Salvatore. Meanwhile, just a few floors above your head is the city's largest hydroponic garden. As you eat, ingredients are being picked right off the roof and lowered straight into things like your hydro basil Bloody Mary (they’ve got great aim).

And should you be entertaining a large party, or just auditioning a number of dates at the same time, there’s always the chef’s table for 12 in the kitchen, where you can interact with the cooks, observe the preparation and sip on the house blend of absinthe.
You can really taste that locally grown wormwood.


Bell Book & Candle
141 W 10th St
(near Greenwich Ave)
New York, NY, 10014


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