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The Strangest Hotel in the World

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After you’ve seen enough hotels, it can be hard to tell them apart. Soon, it’s just a blur of decadent spas, debaucherous bar scenes...

And the occasional in-room cage.

Welcome to Propeller Island City Lodge, an assembly of the 31 strangest hotel rooms we’ve ever seen, taking reservations in Berlin now.

Consider this place the middle ground between the Chelsea Hotel and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. That means a different species of fever dream through every door, starting with those cages: two fully functional, human-size cells (great for kids), dangling five feet above the ground in Room 42. Head down the hall and you’ll find a room that lets you spy on your neighbor through a one-way mirror, and another that lets you drop a guillotine through the center of the double bed (also known as the anti-honeymoon suite).

Naturally, we’d recommend switching rooms every night―the bellboy will understand. Because you’ll also want to explore all the possible uses of a bed that can be pedaled in circles. Then you might prefer sleeping in a fake prison cell, a coffin and/or a room that’s been flipped upside-down, funhouse-style.

Hopefully you’ve got some Dramamine leftover from the flight.


Propeller Island City Lodge
Albrecht-Achilles-Straße 58
10709 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 891 90 16
official website


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