Things to do for November 24, 2010

The Weekender

Carriages, Jumbo Margaritas and Elf

The weekend never has leftovers.

The Secret Sushi Society at Zen

The Secret Sushi Society at Zen

Thanksgiving’s great because you know what you get: turkey and more turkey. But sometimes, you want something more unpredictable. Like eight mystery courses, determined the day you eat them. Past offerings include lobster with the tails still moving, live sea eel and coconut bread pudding—we’re pretty sure that last one’s served dead.

Nov 24, 7-10pm, $80, Zen Sushi, 380 W 7th St, 214-946-9699

Half-Price Jumbo Margaritas

Half-Price Jumbo Margaritas

Come Friday, you may be in need of a stiff beverage. Sneak over to Cyclone Anaya’s and order a half-price 21-ounce margarita—known as the Jumbo—for six bucks. For four more dollars, you’ll get a side of queso and taco meat. Sorry, it’s strictly bring-your-own-leftovers.

Boozy Carriage Rides in Highland Park

Boozy Carriage Rides in Highland Park

Nothing says foolproof date like a carriage ride. And this Friday, you and your most carriage-worthy companion—or, actually, up to 12 carriage-worthy companions—can ride through Highland Park. It’s BYOB, so long as your cup has a lid. Don’t forget your good drinking mittens.

Wine and Lighting Up Lee Park

Wine and Lighting Up Lee Park

You appreciate a good tree lighting, particularly when the carols are supplied by a DJ and there’s wine on hand. At Lee Park, local artists have taken care of stringing lights, and you can take it all in from Arlington Hall. No, you can’t cut any of the trees down.

Nov 28, 5-7pm, $65, Arlington Hall, 3333 Turtle Creek Blvd, 214-520-0977

Next Wednesday
Caroling, Irish Coffee and Elf

Caroling, Irish Coffee and <i>Elf</i>

Next week, Mockingbird Station is kicking off the holidays with the Texas Symphony Orchestra, Irish coffee from Trinity Hall and an outdoor screening of Elf—along with discounts from Reikyu, Relatively Outdoors and more. Try not to be distracted by a 10-foot Ferrell in green spandex.

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