Lil' Ju Ju

Arcade Fire

The City's First Mobile Pinball Arcade

UD - Lil JuJu Pinball.

Probably the second most fun thing you can do using only your thumbs.

But over the years, one thing has bothered you. That you always had to walk/bike/jetpack to the arcade to get your pinball fix.

Well, today, we've got good news: finally, the pinball is coming to you.

Introducing Lil' Ju Ju, a mobile arcade filled with a half-dozen pinball machines, available now for your next gaming-centric night of debauchery.

Yes, this is real: a vintage ‘47 Spartan Manor trailer filled with all manner of pinball machines. So step one: stretch your pinball thumbs. Step two: call Michael, who’ll drive over and park her wherever you want (preferably not on an 11-percent grade hill).

When you venture inside, let the shag rug and wool paneled walls wash over you. Then, scope out the six machines, all set to free play. (Save your quarters for the parking meter.) The games hail from Alameda's pinball museum—the Smithsonian of pinball—so your options include classics like Pot o’ Gold and the four-player Stingray, each one from the '60s and '70s. (A.K.A. the golden age of coin-operated arcade games.)

To assure that every game is absolutely fair—and that you don't spill your beer on that shag rug—the trailer is designed to be perfectly level no matter what the landscape's like underneath.

If this trailer's a-rockin'…


Lil' Ju Ju
via the Pacific Pinball Museum
1510 Webster St
Alameda, CA, 94501

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